Solving problems with water,
Connecting the cycle of life.

In addition to our Tokyo head office, Utsunomiya Kogyo Co., Ltd.
We are working to solve water problems in countries around the world such as Vietnam, Brazil, and Zambia. We aim to improve the water environment for future generations and pass it on to the next generation.

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We are a group of ‘engineers’ dedicated to
preserving the water cycle and the environment.

is a company dedicated to supporting water treatment. After contaminated water flows into the sewer system, it undergoes treatment at sewage treatment plants before returning to the natural environment. We are involved in the development, planning, and design of devices that clean the polluted water in these treatment facilities. Additionally, we undertake the maintenance, repair, and improvement of plant facilities within water treatment plants.

Industries Co.,Ltd


Water Environment
Consulting Business

Protecting lives and the Earth through water treatment.

Let’s explore the numbers that define our relationship with water.

  • Amount of water consumed by a person over a lifetime: approximately35,040liters(Calculated based on 80 years of life)
  • Water content in the human body: approximately60%
  • Amount of water used per day in Japan: approximately26,857,420,000liters
  • Amount of water on earth: 1.4billion cubic kilometers
  • Amount of water consumed by a person over a lifetime: approximately35,040liters(Calculated based on 80 years of life)
  • Water content in the human body: approximately60%
  • Amount of water used per day in Japan: approximately26,857,420,000liters
  • Amount of water on earth: 1.4billion cubic kilometers

Tokyo Head Office

We engage in the development, proposal, and design of devices that clean polluted water inside water treatment facilities and pump stations, as well as the renewal, improvement, repair, and maintenance of plant facilities.


Vietnam Branch

Utsunomiya Industries has a branch in Vietnam, where we are involved in the renewal, improvement, repair, and maintenance of plant facilities in local water treatment facilities. In addition, we handle the ordering, design, and production of metal components at our in-house factory, also exporting components primarily to Southeast Asia.


Investigation project on oily sludge treatment

Conducting repeated on-site inspections for the installation of in-house developed and manufactured water treatment facilities (patent acquired), and currently engaged in a collaborative project with JICA. If the work progresses smoothly, plans include establishing a local subsidiary, and undertaking tasks such as the renewal and improvement of water treatment facilities, similar to what has been done in Vietnam.


Providing hygienic water

President Hideo Utsunomiya is involved in well construction in Zambia, Africa, providing safe and secure water locally. Currently, the construction of the eighth well is underway, with plans to complete a total of 20 wells by 2026.


MagoKoro JukuMonthly Internal Training

Shinshinjuku” is a monthly internal training program at Utsunomiya Kogyo Kabushiki Gaisha, designed for all employees to learn the necessary technical skills and mindset as ‘Guardians of Water.’ Working in construction sites always involves inherent risks, testing the teamwork. Utsunomiya Kogyo recognizes the importance of fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie that goes beyond regular working hours, thus, actively engages in the internal training system called “Shinshinjuku” to enjoy and enhance the bonds created through communication among individuals.

Engaging in Environmental
Issues in the Great Outdoors

Once a year, as part of the Shinshinjuku training program, we embark on a training trip to places like Hokkaido and Okinawa. During these trips, we visit facilities addressing environmental issues, learn about the connection between our lives and the natural environment, and deepen our understanding. Through recreational activities like river rafting and futsal in the great outdoors, we strengthen the bonds among our colleagues.

Technical Training and
Community Contribution Initiatives

In our training programs, we engage in team-building activities in the office, technical training at our own factories in the city, and seminars on SDGs and environmental issues. Additionally, as part of our community contribution efforts, we organize group clean-up activities and enjoy barbecues. Through these training sessions and recreational activities, we aim to foster conversations and shared understanding among employees outside of work, ultimately enhancing team cohesion.


Connecting the future
by protecting life and the blue Earth
through water treatment.


Hideo Utsunomiya

Our pride lies in our technical expertise and our people involved in water treatment.
The work environment in water treatment is far from comfortable.
At times, we find ourselves working in harsh conditions.

The reason all our employees work with enthusiasm and never lose their smiles is because we share the common aspiration of being "guardians of water," protecting the environment and life through our work.

Technical expertise and human qualities as professionals.
That is our pride at Utsunomiya Industries.

Water Environmental Plant Business

01Design and construction of water environment plants

We offer a one-stop solution for the design, construction, and maintenance of systems related to water treatment in water supply and wastewater treatment plants, power plants, and industrial plants.

02Pump facilities and repairs

Pumps resemble the heart that pumps blood in the human body. If a pump malfunctions, the plant stops, leading to significant damage. Our company provides proposals, design, construction, maintenance, and other services for large pumps used in water treatment plants and power plants, as well as small pumps used in various plants and factories.

03Pipe and valve replacement

We handle the replacement of aging pipes and valves. This includes installing new ones, which may be required during pump or sedimentation basin construction projects.

04Sand and sedimentation basin facilities

After large debris is removed by the sand basin, wastewater passes through the sedimentation basin. Heavy particles that tend to sink are settled at the bottom of the tank, while lighter ones are floated and collected, separating the water from the waste. These facilities play a crucial role in sewage treatment. Our company has developed original power-saving products that efficiently remove scum more effectively than conventional pipe skimmers.

05Disinfection and filtration facilities

These facilities disinfect treated water with chlorine to eliminate bacteria such as E. coli before releasing it into rivers or the sea. Additionally, we carry out research and development to further reduce chlorine and phosphorus in treated water, which can contribute to the occurrence of red tide in the sea.

06Dust collector improvement and gate facilities

A machine called a dust collector is used to remove solid particles such as debris and fallen leaves mixed in water. It serves not only as an outlet to return clean water to the sea or rivers but also plays a role in preventing backflow when the water level in the sea or rivers rises. We are committed to providing comprehensive water treatment to protect people's lives and the planet.

Patented Product Planning
and Development Business

Fuel conversion system for oily sludge

Patent No. 4698429, granted on March 11, 2011
(Certified as a Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Management Innovation Support Project for the Fiscal Year 2005)

  1. Oily sludge(oil balls)

  2. Our fuel
    system plant

  3. Utilized as fuel

Wastewater from kitchens, such as those in ramen shops, contains a significant amount of fat and oil residues, forming the basis for oil balls. These residues often lead to clogging of sewage pipes and, during heavy rains, may flow into public water bodies such as seas and rivers, causing water pollution. The system plant collects and transforms these fat and oil residues (oily sludge) into fuel. The generated recycled fuel has a calorific value of 7,000 to 8,000 kcal/kg and can be used as auxiliary fuel during the incineration of waste and sludge cakes.

Sedimentation basin scum removal device


Patent No. 3943551, granted in April 2007

Currently, pipe skimmers are installed as scum removal devices in the first and final sedimentation basins of sewage treatment plants. However, during the operation of pipe gaps, only a small amount of scum enters the skimmers, and in many cases, mostly water flows in, resulting in a significantly poor removal efficiency. To address this, we developed the A-W Compression Method (Shu Ichi-kun) for improvement.
*This device received the March 2010 Construction Technology Review and Certification (Sewerage Technology).


Patent No. 4990856, granted in May 2012

Generally, the removal by pipe skimmers used in the final sedimentation basin relies on the surface flow rate of the sedimentation basin to transport scum from the water surface, collecting scum through the intake of the tilted pipe skimmers. However, due to the upward flow, the surface flow rate near the upstream of the pipe skimmers decreases significantly, resulting in a substantial reduction in scum removal efficiency.
To address this, we developed our Final Sedimentation Basin Scum Removal Device U-PEC (Hiichi-kun).
*This device received the March 2010 Construction Technology Review and Certification (Sewerage Technology).

Scum separation device

Separates scum from the wall using the power of air, carries it on the water flow, preventing adhesion and deposition on the wall.

The scum separation device is a system that comes with Shuichi-kun. Originally developed to efficiently recover thick and dry scum in the first sedimentation basin, it can also handle scum generated in the final sedimentation basin or conduits. One of the factors contributing to scum growth is its adhesion to the wall, hindering its transport on the water flow. The scum separation device enhances scum recovery efficiency by centralizing surface scum without dissolving it into the water.

Treatment facility used in conjunction with Hiichi-kun in the final sedimentation basin.

Collects all scum on the outside of the pipe skimmer intake.

Collects all scum on the outside of the pipe skimmer intake.

Prevents adhesion and deposition by peeling scum off the wall.



Company Name
Utsunomiya Industries Co., Ltd

[Head Office]

Cross Bldg. 5th floor, 6-53-9 Kameido, Koto Ward, Tokyo 136-0071

[Head Office]

[Higashisuna Factory]

5-13-12 Higashisuna, Koto Ward, Tokyo 136-0074

[Higashisuna Factory]

[Vietnam Branch]

70 2B, ấp 6, Hóc Môn,
Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh,

[Vietnam Branch]

October, 1959
Hideo Utsunomiya, Representative Director
Contractor's License
Special construction business license, granted by the governor of Tokyo: No. 13243

(Granted construction business)

  • Machine and equipment installation
  • Piping work
  • Water supply works
  • Civil engineering work
  • Scaffolding/Civil engineering work
  • Construction of steel structure
  • Painting construction

(Category of business which is granted)

  • Water supply plant
  • Sewage plant
  • Sanitary plumbing on water supply and drainage
  • Ventilating and air conditioning work
  • Pump installation
  • Water treatment equipment
  • Construction on machinery for sand basin and sedimentation basin
  • Construction on ventilation machinery
  • Construction on machinery for aeration tank
  • Construction on sludge dewatering apparatus
  • Construction on machinery for digestion tank
  • Apparatus and other equipment
  • Installation of reinforced resin board
Affiliated Organizations
■Tokyo 1st Branch of The Japan Welding Engineering Society (a board member)
Certification acquired
We have acquired the Koto Brand certification, which is awarded to companies who possess great craftsmanship and who seek to further develop the craft they have inherited.


Founder Kenichi Utsunomiya Born in Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture
1945 to 1954
After World War II
Utsunomiya Ironworks Co., Ltd. Founded as a forging business in Marunouchi, Tokyo
October 1959
Utsunomiya Industries Co., Ltd. Restarted as a water supply and drainage business in Koto Ward, Tokyo
September 1989
Hideo Utsunomiya appointed as President
Changed the company name to Utsunomiya Industries Corporation
Acquired ISO 9001 Quality Management System
Approved for the Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Management Innovation Support Project Oil-based Sludge Fuel Conversion System
Higashisuna Factory Plant Operational
Patented the scale removal device (Weekly-kun) Delivered to a final disposal site in Chiba Prefecture
Acquired Construction Technology Inspection Certification (Sewerage Technology)
Patented the oil-based sludge fuel conversion system
Patented the scale removal device (Weekly-kun) Delivered to the Hamamatsu City Purification Center
Acquired ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
Acquired ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System
Established a branch office in Vietnam
Headquarters relocated to Kameido, Koto Ward
July 2019
JICA Private Sector Partnership Project Project formulation study on oil-based sludge treatment in São Paulo State and surrounding states (Small and Medium Enterprise Support Type)
The Vietnam branch office and factory were relocated
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Sewerage Technology Overseas Demonstration Project in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Consistent sincerity

We will consistently follow the path of righteousness as individuals, cultivating compassion for others.

Corporate Philosophy

"Customer satisfaction is dependent on the cultivation of human resources"

We will always trust each other, strive for improvement,
and polish our positive, sincere, and humble attitudes with gratitude.

"Environmental development with gratitude"

We will sincerely engage in business, dedicating ourselves to
contributing to the future of our customers, society, and the Earth.


Connecting the future by protecting life and the blue Earth through water treatment.

Utsunomiya Industries engages in the development, proposal, and design of devices that clean polluted water flowing into sewage systems, as well as the renewal, improvement, repair, and maintenance of plant facilities, ensuring that the purified water is returned to the natural environment, such as rivers and oceans.

Quality, Environmental, and Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Aiming to preserve the beauty of the Earth's environment and the harmony between people and nature, all of our employees come together to promote a continuous management system.

  1. 01

    We fully recognize and assess the environmental impact of our business activities and set economically and technically feasible objectives and goals for all activities, including proposal, design, manufacturing, procurement, construction, trial operation, and waste disposal, striving for continuous improvement of environmental protection activities and prevention of pollution.

  2. 02

    In our business activities, we strive to conserve resources and energy, reduce waste, and promote recycling, aiming to minimize the environmental impact.

  3. 03

    We will comply with environmental and occupational health and safety laws, regulations, ordinances, agreements, and other requirements agreed upon by our company.

  4. 04

    We provide education and training on quality, environmental management systems, and occupational health and safety to all employees, striving for widespread awareness and understanding.

  5. 05

    We will disclose information as necessary regarding our environmental policies and initiatives.

  6. 06

    We will provide customer satisfaction by consistently making suggestions for improvement during facility construction projects.

  7. 07

    The overall quality of facility construction projects designed and implemented by our company is aimed at delivering the performance demanded by customers and ensuring customer satisfaction.

  8. 08

    We have established a quality, environmental, and occupational health and safety management system that meets the specified requirements and continuously improve its effectiveness. Additionally, we conduct education and training for all employees, promote awareness, and ensure thorough understanding throughout the company.


Aiming for a sustainable and progressive circular society

To contribute to the establishment of a sustainable society, we have formulated a vision and medium to long-term goals for environmental conservation. We are actively promoting environmental conservation activities to achieve these objectives. Through reducing environmental impact and minimizing environmental risks in our business activities, we strive to contribute to the development of a sustainable society and the preservation of the global environment.

Sustainable Development Goals

Creating an environment where people and nature can coexist indefinitely is our job. Accordingly, Utsunomiya Industries actively engages in initiatives related to the SDGs. Because our work is directly linked to the environment, we are committed to earnestly protecting water.

Solar Power Project by UtsunomiyaSolar Power Project by Utsunomiya

We make efforts to utilize solar power, a renewable energy source, for on-site facilities and electric tools. Our goal is for this practice to expand throughout the entire construction industry in the future.

Company vehicles

By installing solar panels on the roof of our vehicles, we can efficiently generate power, enabling us to charge electric tools on-site. Compared to traditional generators (that use light oil), this approach helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

On-site facilities

We implement initiatives to install large solar panels on jobsite facilities. These panels supplement power for the facility and equipment through energy stored in battery systems.


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